Active direct boxes

Utilizing custom dbx mu-metal-shielded audio transformers, high-quality Neutrik® connectors, and low-noise circuitry preserves the sonic integrity and true characteristics of the signal source. Both boxes include a pad switch that accomodates instrument, line and even speaker level signals. Take even more control of your sound by utilizing the polarity invert switch to set the phase relationship between the direct and mic'd sound.

    •     Premium Performance
    •     Rugged Design
    •     Stackable Chassis with Durable Rubber Foot
    •     Gold-plated Neutrik® XLR Connector
    •     Premium Chrome Toggle Switches
    •     Hi-Z 1/4" Input Jack
    •     Parallel 1/4" Thru Jack
    •     Transformer Isolated
    •     Premium Shielded Custom dbx Transformer
    •     Balanced XLR Lo-Z Output
    •     3-Way 0/20/40 dB Pad Switch
    •     Flat/High-Cut Filter Switch
    •     Output Polarity Invert Switch
    •     Ground Lift Switch


     Additional dB12 Features

    •      Phantom Powered
    •     Green LED Phantom Power Indicator
    •     +48V Phantom Operation
    •     Low-Noise Active Circuitr
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